Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fantastic China: 吃喝玩樂in Shanghai(II)!!!

Let's talk about my China trip...
it was the 3rd day in Shanghai...

Since the世博會passed and ended d
all the countries exhibition halls had removed
only China hall left for visit
they announced the中國館will closed after May 2011
then we went there to have a look

It was just me & Ray dear since the parents visited 世博before
actually it was an awesome exhibition to show the history & developing of China
the hardwork they did on this exhibition is sooo admiring!!!!
The Chinese peoples really damn good in this things...
The whole exhibition hall was so big 
and we spent around 1-2 hours there
from the history of china...
and the peoples in neighbourhood were so strange until they live together & care for each other
 The developing of China

then there was also the hall to tell the life of China from 80's to recent
one of the hall also showing the recycle & anti-pollution technologies in future they gonna develop & use

we went back to 新天地
cos i like there...hahaha!!!!
love the leisure street there
then we took the bus back to淮海路
cos there got H&M
hahahaha!!!it was my private shopping time with Ray dear...

At night we walked to 天子坊again
was thinking to sit & grab some drinks
but there closed very early...
hmmm...i didn't experience the night life in Shanghai lerr...
maybe next time... :(

After that Inez brought us tfor massaging...
just walked pass to the opposite road of the place she staying...
relaxed time...

It was all for the 3rd day in Shanghai...

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