Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jolin Tsai Concert in Malaysia 2011

it's a old post that i had totally forget about it
this one i must share
 because it's my 1st time in the most expensive seat

Actually i can have chance to go for this concert
is because we bought RM480 rock zone ticket at cheap price RM250!!!
sounds great rite???

We got such luck was because DEFINE was the organizer and they did the contest & winner get the free ticket
someone won the prize but they wanna sell out the ticket...
so laopo asked me n Ray Dear buy it... :D

I love Jolin Tsai for so long d
now finally got the chance go and see her...
somemore in a very near distance!!!
love her hard work on her career and her way to be perfect!!!
she never disappoint us cos u can see her singing & dancing skill getting well & well
 and also she became more & more pretty!!!


Really enjoy the concert and it was a great great experience
cos i  was in the rock zone babeh!!!
one thing i felt regret was i forgot to bring my camera...
all the photos taken via my "pah-liah" iPhone 3GS very blur

Here's some photos of the night
sorry for the blurness...

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