Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy burfday and Goodbye

Last two weeks
before Pooi Mun fly off to China
we had a small gathering
long time never join the UCSI gang gathering d...

And actually it was Xiang Bin's birthday also
so we celebrate together-gether
It's a small & warm birthday gathering
too bad that Kelly & Pui Ting can't join us
so there were just five of us: Pooi Mun, Edmund, Xiang Bin, Joey & me

Had our dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant La Lot
then we bought the small cheese cakes from The Loaf
because of we didn't buy the birthday candles...
i just edit the candles in the photo larr...LOL!!!

Then after we went to Snowflakes
so sad that their Taro balls sold out
so we order the Taro ice & Japan combo

It's time to say Goodbye to Pooi Mun & Edmund
as they will fly to China for the family business
All the best ya my dear...

And again Happy birthday to Xiang Bin!!!

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