Friday, August 13, 2010

Decision made! Target set!

Actually wanna blog about this post few days ago
but was too tired
so can't make it to post on time

This week almost every morning need to wake up very early to work
somemore go work in Klang...
mou ban fat lar...
cos Christy is leaving after this week
Yashin will be next week
so we need to push all the event to complete it before they leaving...

Oh ya...
am gonna talk about myself...
i did mention in previous post that i was looking for the chance
now the opportunity comes to me
it's my turn!!!

Actually i went for interviews in two company...
ermm...let me name it as "P" company & "BI" company lar...
hahahaha!!!izzit too obvious?!

At first, "BI" asked me to go for 1st interview
then i was so surprised that "P" also called me up for 1st interview
cos as i knew "P" is quite hard to get in de...
oklar...just go try and see how lor

After my 1st interview with the two companies
"P" very fast inform me to go for 2nd interview
and i was very looking forward about the outcome of "BI"
then i called the "BI" interviewer about my application status
he told me i'm successful to get into 2nd interview
just the 2nd interview is after the "P" 2nd interview
i was so glad that i did get the chance for joining these two companies

Then after the 2nd interview of "P"
they mentioned that will call my references up for checking
and it really happened on the 2nd day of the interview
what i think is it's already go to the extend i think my probability for getting the job is almost 90%
just wait for their call for the offer only

About the 2nd interview of "BI"
i did mentioned to them that i also wait for another company's offer beside waiting for theirs
P/S: wanna show that i got the market value also mar...LOL!!!
actually they told me if i really succeed then will get inform within 2weeks
but once comes there is another offer to me from "P" company
they will fasten the process of determine

From the opinion of others
"P" company is a very top & well-known company in worldwide
but then the package they offer you is not so good as ur expectation lor...
the incentive will be very YUMMY lar...
and if u really get into the company
u will be well-trained & their training is also considered TOP in market
therefore u have to carry the stress & work very very hard
"BI" company ler...
it's also a MNC company
just it's not at the top rank like my current company or "P" company lar...
but they also considered a well-known company too
heard from lots of ppls saying that it's the good company
u may want to stay as long as possible
somemore i had interviews with the ASM & NSM
from my own perception lar...
they are the person that u can learn many things from them
it's a good opportunity to learn things & experience if u under the great managers

I have no preference on which company i prefer lar
i hope that i can compare on the overall package
and it happens that i received call from "BI"!!!!
i was so so so DAMN happy
i felt that my luck is coming back to me!!!
after all those failed interviews
finally i success on this!!!!

They called me up for another meet up
it's about finalizing the package and both decision
it's what the NSM told me
"Not only the company choose me,
I'm also the one choosing the company"

After they told me about the package
woowww~~!!!not bad wat
it considered as a very good package d...
what am waiting for...
of cos fast fast accept lar!!!
LOL!!! cos the NSM also can see from my face that i very interested to join in!!!

Finally i made it!!!
now just wait for the call to go for medical check-up
after that will be the OFFER LETTER
then it's time to say goodbye...

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