Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy birthday Malaysia!!!

Happy Merdeka Day everyone!!!
i think most of the youngsters feel happy on this day just because of we got HOLIDAY!!!
i think Malaysia has the most holidays among the countries in worldwide

On this special day
u sure can see many "piggies" put on our M'sia flag
why i said so?!
cos us Chinese won't put on the flags one...
*Opppsss...am not pin pointing anyone and not racism*
Sorry if i offended
but it's real...
u can see they even put on the flag on their shoulder like "Superman"...WTF?!
okok...i must stop offending now

Actually am not the kind of patriotic person
these are all my own opinion...
so not offended ya~~

For myself
i borned in Sabah, East Malaysia
then now staying in KL, West Malaysia
i really see many different things
do you really feel that it's "1 Malaysia"?!
i don't think so
cos the government always side to the "piggies" which known Bumiputera
us Chinese will abit rugi in something...
alrite larr...i will stop criticizing now cos i scare i will be the 2nd Namewee

As i'm not the one who is very emphasizing in Patriotism
Merdeka Day for me is just a holiday
not much meaning...
i believe that most of the youngster nowadays will have same thinking as mine
we don't participate in the patriotism activities, we don't do polictics
so for us...
we can have holiday and take a rest...
it's happy, isn't it?!

Somemore there will be another holiday for us Malaysian
it's the "Malaysia Day"
it just being claimed since this year 16th Sept
yay!!!so we have another new holiday!!!

But anyway...
recently i heard the new "1 Malaysia" song in Radio
seriously i like it...
quite nice i think
if our national anthem can be like this is PERFECT!!! XD
i just share the song in here:

At last...
Happy 53rd birthday to MALAYSIA!!!
must proud to be Malaysian...
*oklarr...i try larr...*

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  1. hahahah ... eh, wait u get arrest :D
    come on, Sabah tanah air ku~~~~