Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let's try something new ♥

This post am gonna share about my new personal care products...

I realised that
since i started using personal care products
i tried the most expensive one
from those very branded products i tried before
until now there are so many affordable brands imported from Japan appeared in M'sia
and i felt that not all the branded stuffs are best 
and not all the affordable stuffs are bad for you
it's depends on how you use it & whether it suits you or not

Recently i really want to try on the Haba Labo brand
it's a very affordable brand for everyone
i saw from Japanese magazine 
it's the top selling brand there & the products are sooo good!!!
Finally i finish my h2o hydration cream & can have a chance to try on it
i bought Haba Labo moisturizing cream
it's kind of liquid type cream
not very rich & it really easily absorb into ur skin
cos i hate the sticky sticky cream on my face
i hope i will fall in love with it...

And i was attracted by the haircare brand -- Liese
usually i'm using the L'oreal haircare products
cos it's branded stuffs plus am getting it from my daddy
so no need worry about the price of products...
but Liese is also a Japanese brand
saw the magazine reviews and the ads really attract me
it's their successful marketing strategy
it really make me want to try on it
finally i bought the hair cocktail serum & smooth hair spray cocktail
the hair cocktail serum is the serum for hair
make your hair smoother & healthier
the hair spray cocktail is for the tangling hair
as long hair always go tangles after you wash your hair
it will smoothen the hair strand & make you easy to comb ur hair
i love the products so much <3
and most important is the smell!!!!
the products got fruity smells~~~
make you love the smell of you hair so much!!! <3


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