Friday, August 27, 2010

Our 2nd anniversary trip ♥

Just finished edit the photos of the trip
now can share d... =D

We planned to have our anniversary trip last year
the destination we choosed is Bali
-- the island of romance

We were so looking forward for this trip
cos i never go there before
so i was so excited to see the long lost beach & sun!!!
and the the air ticket is only RM50 per person!!!!WTF!!!!
very cheap rite?!?!
cos we booked it during the zero fare promo
It was our 2days 2nights trip actually
we went there on Fri
departed from KL at 3.50pm
reached there it's already 6.50pm
the time in Bali is same as M'sia
so it's already night time when we reached

The resort we booked is a 4star resort -- Harris Hotel & resort
it located at Kuta beach
just need to cross the road & we can see the beach already
damn near rite?!
somemore the room not so expensive
around RM260++ per night
as it's for our "honeymoon" vacation
so it's already consider cheap lor XD
i like the hotel so much
cos the design all in orange, green & white color
very fresh colors
all the staffs there very friendly & healpful also
the scenes around the resort very nice too~~
nice staying for all
can try to stay here again next time

After checked in to the hotel
we walked out from the hotel
there's lots of restaurants & McD along the road
we had our 1st dinner there at a local foodcourt
i like the seafood!!!
it was so fresh & not expensive at all if compared to KL

After dinner
we want to find the local massage -- Balinese style massage
i tried Thai massage & Chinese "Tui Na" d
never try Balinese massage
and we heard from Sean that there's a massage centre opened by Malaysian Chinese
just located at Legian
Legian is not far from our hotel Kuta
so we just walked there

U can see alot of surfing shops like Quicksilver, Roxy, Hurley, RipCurl, Oreef, etc there
somemore the things are selling cheaper than KL
we walked to Kuta Square 1st
there's alot of shops for shopping
mostly surf shops & POLO shops
the POLO Ralph Lauren there is GOD DAMN CHEAP!!!!
in KL one Ralph Lauren polo tee will be around RM200-300 or maybe more expensive
but in Bali...OMG!!!!it's only RM180 after 50% discount!!!!!!
50% discount for old stocks & 20% for new arrivals

After all
we can't find the massage centre that mentioned by Sean
but we did found a nice massage centre -- Smart
the price is abit expensive compared to others
but i think it's worth cos the design is very comfortable & relax
for traditional full body massage will be Rupiah 95,000 that's mean = RM33++
then Ray Dear choosed foot massage will be Rupiah 65,000 = RM22++

One thing i felt too bad is that the shops there closed very early
mostly they close around 12am
i think it's too bad for a place that so many tourists there
like Bangkok they have nightlife until very early in morning
so after we finished massage we walked back to hotel again
although it's not very far
but most of the roads were all dark
but u still can see the guai lous walk around
they went to some clubs & pubs there
Ray Dear and me don't feel like wanna club here
so we just walk around & snap photos

There don't have 7-11 shop
they have their own convenient shops there
Ray Dear just bought beer and bring it back to room
the Heneiken there taste weird...not nice at all
we don't like it...
we prefer the local Bintang beer there
it's better...

2nd day
we woke up very early for the hotel breakfast
 then our tourist guard picked us up at the hotel lobby
Ray Dear contact the local tourist guard & booked the tour for one day
The tourist guard brought us to the monument
there got Bali history & it's like a museum
just walk around & snap photos
then our tourist guard -- Pastor brought us to the infamous paddy field restaurant at Ubud
the restaurant just located beside the paddy field
very relaxing lorr...
and the food very nice!!!!
Ray Dear ordered the nasi campur & mine is crispy duck

We departed to the Ubud art market after we finished our lunch
the art market there seriously look like the art market in KK
but our KK art market full of illegal foreigners
the foreigners here are all guai lous, japanese, Chinese from other countries
beside art market is their old historical palace
seriously...i think their palace is quite small & shabby
it's their Hindu Balinese history...
we bought souvenirs at the art market
same as Bangkok
u need to bargain with them
they will open a very high price for u to bargain
we bought handmade pouch for our girl friends & small KUKU BIRD key chains for guys

Then our next destination was Tanah Lot
actually quite far it's around 1hour driving distance to there
there got the famous Tanah Lot temple
the temple is in the middle of sea
when it's ebb u can only walk into the temple
but when it flood u can't go into the temple cos it surround by the sea
too bad that the weather was cloudy & rainy

if not we can see very nice sunset
haizzzz...TOO BAD~~
we just snap some photos there then we left

Pastor brought us to very famous beach dinner at Jimbaran
the dinner is at the beach & very romantic
but one thing too bad is there are too many tables
so we didn't feel as romantic as what we thought
but it's quite a nice memory for two of us
sit facing the sea & having our seafood dinner
the dinner was so DAMN expensive
we ate RM268++ for the dinner's oklarrr...our anniversary vacation marr...

We asked Pastor to drop us at Legian for massage after the dinner
i'm in love with Balinese massage!!!!
It was the end of our night

3rd day was our last day
for sure we have to go to the infamous beach -- Kuta Beach
as we just stayed here
so after the breakfast we came out from hotel
the distance of the beach from our hotel is just crossing a road...LOL!!!
and for sure i would like to have sun bathing along the beach

then Ray Dear went for surfing class
it's only RM50 for one & half hour
we spend our day at the beach side
then we went to have our late lunch at McD

I was impressed with the hotel service
even we checked out at 12pm on that day
we can still put our luggage there & can even go in to the waiting room to take bath & changing
nice rite???

Our flight on that night is 9.20pm
the airport there not bad
got Gucci, Burberry & Coach somemore
we shop there in the departing hall
we bought 2bottles of red wine -- my favourite <3
and we saw a nice wallet in Gucci
i did promised Ray Dear to buy a new branded wallet for him as gift
i was planning to buy end of this year
but the Gucci is very much cheaper if compared to M'sia

DAMN MALAYSIA!!!!everything also so expensive!!!
at last i bought a new designed Gucci wallet for Ray Dear <3
it's just RM785 after convert from USD
damn cheap!!!cos in KL this will selling at RM900++

We departed back to KL with our love memories in Bali!!!
Ray Dear...thanks for everything <3
love you!!!

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