Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's next??

Just finished Glee season1
wow...before that i was not use to watch english drama series
but now am quite addicted to it...

Finished Gossip girl season1,2 & 3
while waiting for season4
i start GLEE...

It's quite different with the Gossip Girl series...
cos it's about the high school musical & High school life 
It's kind of the "High School Musical" style in drama
Seriously, i love it so much

Because of GLEE only have season1
and season2 not yet release
i finished all the episodes only in shortly...
now feel like very empty...

What should i go for next???
am thinking maybe "The Vampire Diaries"!!!
it's another Edward & Bella kind of story i think
just it's in drama series...

i have to go!!!


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