Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zust Studio opening!!!

Congratulations to my dearest "personal" photographer Elton for his studio opening!!!
i call him as "personal" photographer is because everytime i wanted to have photo shooting he will do it for me
and also one of my close friends...

Knew him since 2007
done lots of shooting with him...
my photos at the header of my blog also shoot by him...
my convocation photos also shoot by him...
admire & appreciate his works very much!!!

Every year i promise myself to have photo shooting with Elton...
to show that our friendship & 一路陪伴著走來...
and it's also the memory of our improvement

He's from no one to now one of the bosses of Zust Studio
it was always his dream to open his own studio
and now he did it!!!
he made his dream comes true!!!

congratulations again!!!
wish Zust have a great future ahead and will keep on the great photography works!!!
as the opening of Zust Studio
of cause i must be there to show my support for Elton and his partners...
i like the comfy environment of their studio...

Dude...keep it on!!!
Elton, u are always the man!!!


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