Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas present for myself

Actually i didn't plan to get myself anything for this Christmas, but out of sudden, the things i bought considered as my Christmas present lar! LOL!!! 

 1st thing i get for myself in this Christmas: My White Toshiba laptop!!!
The pinky Dell already accompany for 3years plus and now she gonna retire and serve me no more. Lately i found her very "disobedient" cos always shut down itself when i was still using it, and suddenly will restart again itself. I knew her time is coming but i didn't expect it was so soon.
That night i was using it to watch drama in Suddenly it shut down and restart but there was an error and make it can't restart properly. Then i gave up and took it to the computer repair shop. It's the motherboard problem. OMG!!! If repair then need few hundreds and maybe it will not be fixed also. I rather buy a new laptop then. After some sort of surveys, finally i decided to get Toshiba. Nowadays the laptop are cheaper than 3-4 years ago. I think i bought my 1st Hyundai laptop for almost 4000 and now most of the mid range laptop cost around 2000 plus. And i need the laptop for my drama & movie session and online surfing session only so i decided to get a mid range but the processor can tahan longer one. So, i bring this Toshiba white baby home. 

2nd thing i get for myself in this Christmas: My Pink Fuji Instax Mini 7s!!!
I wanted it for sooooooo long d!!! Finally i got it!!! Actually i decided to buy it very long ago, but keep survey here n there for cheaper price. And sometimes very "kedekut" on spending few hundred for it. And now finally i spend on it!!! I must use it and take many nice Polaroid photos in coming CNY!!! And the deal i got for it is RM380 including 5packs of Instax film. So i no need go n buy for this moment. 

I know i spend a lot on this Christmas. And somemore it's year end!!! Have to shop for CNY which falls on next month also. Time to save money!!! 



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