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Exciting exciting!!! Finally i'm blogging about my HK trip!!! Actually the trip was from 3rd Aug - 7th Aug 2011.I think this is the most "traveling" year of mine. I spend most of my savings for traveling and it's time to plan and save for future.

Ok... it was a couples trip because 3couples went there together. and it was so AWESOME!!! 6 of us are close friends and our interests are same so won't be a problem to go travel together.

On 3rd of Aug 2011, we carried our "considered empty" luggage & our excitement departed from LCCT airport. Six of us: Bonnie aka my Laopo, her lougong Onn, CC, Mandy, Ray Dear and me.

It was my virgin trip to HK. Cant wait to taste the HK food, shop for HK stuffs & go to HK attractions. We arrived at HKIA around 11am plus, as HK Disneyland is located nearby to the airport, so we decided to go Disneyland straightaway after came out from airport. We took bus then transit to railway and went to 東涌站. There is a branded outlet shopping mall at東涌, it was a great news for us as the guys can get Ralph Lauren and other branded there. We had our lunch at the shopping mall food court. I was very excited for the HK food, but i can tell that the food in the food court is sucks!!! Some more very killing expensive, maybe should go for those authentic HK restaurants or stalls.

 After our lunch, as the time was too constraint, we promised to come back on the last day before airport. We took the railway to迪士尼站. the train is so damn cute that there were some cartoon character inside the train and the windows are Mickey symbol!!! Cute to the max!!! I was so excited about Disneyland because for the past 26 years i never go Disneyland and it was my 1st 1st time!!! Everyone sure dreamed of being in Disneyland and took pictures with Mickey,Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc. We bought ticket and drop our luggage at the luggage counter, frankly taking luggage along with us is a trouble. LOL!!! 

Then our Disneyland one day trip started!!! it was so damn hot weather in HK, WTF!!! How i wish i can went there during colder season. We had lots of fun there and finally i made my childhood dream came true. One thing too bad was i can't take picture with Mickey & Minnie as there was very long queue and we decided to go for just Goofy. As per promise for ZunZun, i went in to the Disney shop and get ZunZun the signature tee. It's not cheap at all FML!!! 

Around noon time there was a roadshow at the Disney street. All the characters from Disney cartoon came out for the show!!! It was like fairy tale!!! And you imagine that u were in the Disney cartoons!!! I saw my fav Disney princesses!!!

After queuing up for some rides, (actually we only went few rides because there were fucking crowded!!! Too pack!!!) we went to have lunch in the fast food restaurant. I wonder why they don't let the McD, KFC to come in for business, the fast food was just so-so. 

We were so exhausted after the one day as all of us woke up so early for the flight and straightaway came to Disneyland and spent our whole day there. We waited until night time 9pm (if i'm not mistaken) there was a fireworks show before Disney closed. The fireworks was soooooo damn AWESOME!!! it was just at the Disney castle and there were Disney songs playing during the fireworks. OMFG!!! It should be the most memorable moment in Disney!!!

After the fireworks, we went to get our luggage and went back with tiring. Again we took railway to 油麻地站 as we stayed at the hotel nearby to 油麻地站&旺角站,u can get either way to reach the hotel. We decided to stay in Kowloon as it's very convenient and nearby to the places we wanted to go. The hotel we stayed is Metropark Hotel九龍維景酒店 located at 75, Waterloo road窩打老道, HK. 

After checked in, we found that the hotel room not bad as it's so spacious and clean. It was our great choice to stay there and i will definitely go back if next time go HK again. We cleaned up and had shower, then straightaway heading to the nearby for supper!!! Can't wait for authentic 街邊小吃!!! We walked to the infamous西洋菜街, 通菜街, 花園街. The very happening street in HK movie u watched, it's just there!!! Exactly what u saw in 《勁抽福祿壽》!!! But when we reached there already mid night and most of the shops closed and there were just some 街邊小吃. U must try the臭豆腐, 炸大腸,咖哩魚蛋!!! I superb likey!!! 

And as what u saw in HK dramas & movies, we went to打冷 (It's a term they use for drinking beer while having Teow Chew food in the Teow Chew restaurant). 真是別有一番風味~~!!! We ordered some Teow Chew food that u barely see in M'sia and for sure beer is a must!!! We ordered藍啤 which is the beer originated from HK. It's a must to try their道地 beer like u sure will get Bintang in Indonesia & Chang Beer in Thailand.

After打冷session, we walked back to our hotel. It was our 1st day in HK. 

To Be Continued...


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