Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun shooting in Fullhouse♥

Kiki the lady boss of Room8008 was planning to open another website for her wholesale business
she's really a business women, aren't she??
and she told us this website is different as her Room8008
she herself as model in her Room8008 and now her new website wan fresh faces

As we all already her spoke persons of Room8008
*cos u can see from my outfit...i invest a lot in Room8008*
she want her dolls -- Maggie aka Ms Arnab, J-ye aka Mini maos, Kate aka Sushi & me aka Kecik Miaw
to be her models for the new website...

The shooting was at Fullhouse Giza Sunway
we had lots of fun shooting there...
as the photographer is Kiki's friends
the couple are very creative & they can make "Vivi style" shoot
it's what Kiki wants...
She wants the concept is like Vivi magazine...

Kiki was our creative director and wardrobe stylist of the day...
she did a great job!!!


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