Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's christmas!!!

Christmas is a round the corner!!! And this is my most fav season n the whole year!!! I love Christmas song, Christmas decoration and of cause Christmas presents!!!

This year i've found my fav latest christmas album from Michael Buble & the SM town winter album 2011!!! The songs are awesome and i can non-stop listen repeat and repeat inside my car during i'm driving.

The decoration of the shopping malls in KL. But too bad i haven't been to 1 Utama shopping mall yet.

This year no big plan for christmas celebration. Because as usual the clubs will be packed and fulled!!! The area around the clubs sure will be jam jam jam... Actually Ray Dear did plan to go Singapore for christmas and visit Hui Lee them. But our plan failed as there will also be massive jam in Singapore and damn expensive!!! So what do you think to do in this christmas? 

Our friends -- Sean & Mei Mei they doing their house warming for new house and they will also celebrating their baby girl 1st year old birthday. And so we decide to join them and oh ya... we didn't plan the ex-change gift session, too bad, it's too late! :(

Oh ya, Ray Dear and me decided to set up Christmas tree at our home! So great as since we grown up and not staying with daddy mummy i got no chance to set up my own Christmas tree. I used to love to set up Christmas tree at home with daddy! 

What Christmas gift i buy for my dear? Deng Deng Deng~~~ I will show it after he unwrap the present. As this year we want save money money because CNY is coming and Valentines' day also coming. And our Christmas gift for each other is a surprise. I can't wait him to see what i bought for him as it's very useful for him and he need it for quite a while d. But for mine, i already暗示暗示 him d but don't know whether his potato brain get the hint or not. LOL!!! So i will sit down and wait for my present. For Blushie & MeiMei Christmas gift i bought them the Christmas Santa costumes!!! And i will go and search for new collar for them too~!!!

Alright! It's Christmas eve today and wish everyone have a Merry Merry Christmas and spend the precious great moment with the peoples u loved!

Once again, Merry Christmas!!!