Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Kurisumasu♥

Yeap!!! Christmas is my most fav season of a year... And it's just 1 day only, can't they make it longer?? So we can enjoy the whole Christmas month!!! 

Ok... How was everyone Christmas celebration? Frankly, this is the most boring Christmas i had so far. Compared to last year we were partying and doing steamboat at A Farmosa Melacca. Christmas pool side party session & Christmas gift exchange session, Sounds fun isn't it? But this year... BOO... Everyone got no plan. Luckily our friends Sean & Mei Mei daughter Michelle 1st year old birthday and their house warming on the Christmas eve, so we decided to go there to countdown the Christmas. Sounds so boring right?

Here I am with my xmas tree

And then we only found out there were still some of them went to Zouk, KL on Christmas eve that night, I will surely join them if i knew earlier, too bad!!! Around 1am after the countdown and it was Christmas, we went to nearby IOI Boulevard Movida for drinks because Sean's house just nearby there at Puchong. It's not a MUST for me to go club for Christmas, but i prefer to have a party and gift exchange. I think it will be a better idea. I hope that my Christmas eve next year won't be like this. Thanks god!

What i wore on Christmas eve night:
- Nude collar dress from Room8008
- LV alma BB
- Pink lacey socks from Shanghai
-Nude pump from Room8008

Oh ya and happy birthday to Jesus! He was borne on Christmas day. Maybe the Christmas eve in future i should spend some time in church for celebration!

And forgot to talk about my Christmas gift. It was so funny! My dear brought 2 presents and put under our Christmas tree. He kept on asking me to choose one of it and teased me the other one for next year. I said Christmas gift should be opened on the Christmas day it own not on eve. He insisted me to choose one, then ok, i choose a bigger one. Then when i opened, i saw the T&Co box and i found there was a cupcake. A cupcake from T&Co??? How sweet! But it was not the one i hinted. hahaha!!! He told me my Christmas gift this year is the T&Co cupcake. Hmmm... Then the other one?? 

I shared this to my Laopo Bonnie and after that she realized and told me no cupcake sell in T&Co there were just free cupcake when u purchase something from T&Co during the season. Okay, my Ray Dear lying to me and i knew the second gift must be T&Co jewelry!
On Christmas day, Ray Dear woke me up and kept on asking me to unwrap my gift again! Hahaha!!! Sounds like a kid right? So we opened our gift. His Christmas gift this year i bought him a Ray Ban Sunglasses as his sunglasses lost and wanted to buy a new one. 

Whereas, mine is T&Co "I Love you" ring! I was so surprised! As it's the 1st ring given by my dear since we been together for 3years plus. And actually i hinted him for a T&Co necklace not a ring. But i was so happy and touched as he gave me this ring! He always told me that a ring is a promise given by a man to a woman. He won't give a promise unless he's ready and capable to give promise to a person. Can i consider he promise me something although it's not yet a proposal ring?

And then at the Christmas night, we just went to Pavilion for dinner and have movie "Sherlock Holmes". Frankly, I prefer the 1st one cos this is too lengthy for me. Actually Stefanie Aw did asked us to go Neverland on the night and too bad we didn't go after the movie.

What i wore on Christmas:
- Chiffon sleeves nude color top from Room8008
- Black high waisted short from Bershka
- LV red vernis PM Bellevue
- Black bow velvet pump

And that's all for my Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy new year! Wish everyone spending the special day with the loved ones.



  1. yes, pls spend your next christmas in chuch, that's the reason for this seaons, aye?! :)

  2. woooOaaAaahhHHh~~~~
    u changed your blog background finally :p

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