Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sapi & Manukan island trip

It's our tradition
once a year
our PULAU TRIP!!!!
P/S: YAY!!!i can wear my red new bikini!!!

it happens because of we are now staying far far from the beautiful beaches
since i came to West M'sia
the beaches & sea sides are totally different with our Sabah one
the sea water in West M'sia is brownish color, rubbish & no "appetite" to have fun there
especially am staying in KL
it's really hard to find beach also
nearest is PD or Melacca
but it's YUCKsss!!!
if go Redang, it's too far for me lar...
so we decide to have our PULAU TRIP every year when we go back KK

this time we went to 2 islands -- Sapi & Manukan
7 of us: Ray, Me, Maggie, Jun, Ah Boy, Clarissa aka Loges & MicMic
actually there are some members FFK d...
so now left 7 of us
because of Jun's condition
she cant go into the seas
so we gals decided to stay on beach for photos
And it was jelly fish season also
so there will be lots of jelly fish appear in sea side
scare kena sting by jelly fish lar...
so my Ray Dear aka Mr. Sunshine Potato just went into sea a while then come back d

although we have no chance to get into the clear blue sea
we do have fun on beach
Oh ya!!!And the most "canggih" is we saw Gary Chaw & his wife came to Sapi island with their Sabah friends
it's not very de special attraction for me
but not bad what...can see artist here
so what, he's a Sabahan ok?! (Hah!!)
his wife very de CHUN!!!!
the body is like model, long & slim legs...PHEW WITTT!!!!
actually his baby quite cute also...
maybe is from his wife not him
cos he looks like Malay Zai
not very tall, very dark skin & lots of tattoo...Ishhh

After Sapi island
we went to Manukan island
it's bigger than Sapi but it's much more developed
we prefer Sapi just because the sea is nicer & clearer
last time Manukan was quite dirty & u can see plastic bags appear on sea
now lesser lor...oklar...quite clean also
maybe Manukan island is bigger
cos we didn't see it packed with lots of tourists & visitors
Ray Dear interested to play parasail
due to MicMic's 三寸不爛之舌
we get the lowest & special price from the Sea travel company
it's our 1st time for parasailing!!!!
credits to MicMic

4 of us: Ray Dear, Me, Maggie & Loges
will go for parasail
1st round is Ray Dear & me
it's quite romantic actually
cos can see the blue blue sky & blue blue sea
& it's quite comfortable
no danger at all if compared to Flying fish or Bannaa boat
i love to stay with my Ray Dear in the air & fly along the sea
actually not all the while we fly up the sky
the beach boys who control the boat got make us drop into the sea
hahaha!!!quite SYOK also...not bad!!!
2nd round is Maggie & loges turn
Maggie quite scared at 1st
but after flew into the sky
they started to feel SYOK d...
It was quite a memorable experience
especially i went up to the sky with my Ray Dear
if he propose up there...
WOW!!!!hahahaha...i think is impossible...

The time we went back is about 3pm
the sea is not calm at all
the spoondrift is quite big
And the beach boy who drive our boat drive very fast
he didn't care about how big the spoondrift
quite "Chi Gek" also lar...hahaha!!!

After that we went to Yoyo for the 珍珠奶茶
we craving for it...since we only can drink when we back to KK
we appreciate the moment we having it

it's our PULAU TRIP!!!

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