Monday, February 8, 2010

Jun finally back!!!

Finally jun is alright
After operation
She been suffer from the pain of wound
everyone will not understand how suffer she was
but she made it
she just show her smile that calm herself & everyone down
but i knew she felt hard that moment

I just keep contact wif mummy & jun since they went to Singapore
mummy said the operation very success even doctors also felt so grateful about that
& daddy fly all the way to Singapore to see Jun
i knew am not a very perfect sister
but i made it to go there for a weekend to bring her & mummy back to KL
then book air ticket for them to go back KK

Jun's wound recover very fast
the line is fading & just looks like neckline
she's been telling all of us the story
how she looks like when she just finish operation
bleeding, swallon neck & even neck can't move properly...
she said her neck feel tight & can't move her head freely
her face is showing that she's fine & ok
but i did felt sad & heartache for her
i knew she was suffering from a big pain
it's a memorable experience in her life

She will going back to Singpore after CNY
going back there to do Chemo Iodine Therapy
it's a therapy to kill all the survive cancer cells

She will need to go for regular check-up in future
for Ah boy & me
mummy's cousin阿姨also recommend us to go for body check-up
i think i will go for tumor marker also besides the normal check-up

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