Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Macau & ZhuHai trip 21/1-24/1

i've been so busy until i havent blog bout my trip yet
i will record it down when it still fresh in my mind

i did mention that this trip is a company trip
all the air-ticket, accommodation, food are all paid by company
& i just need money for my shopping

But the thing is
currently i'm damn poor...
cos need to contribute for my sis's medical expenses
i have no much left
so i decide to bring only RenMingBi 400 Yuan & HKD 300

i was very excited for the trip actually
but on the other side i was worrying for Jun...
God will be with her
Tammie, Christy & me were so KIASU until we saw most of our colleagues wear very CINCAI
we wear long sleeves ler

i'm damn looking forward to see Macau as it was my 1st time
it was almost 4++ hours flight
we chit-chat on plane
until we reach there it's already around 8pm++
the view DAMN nice i tell u!!!!
u can straightaway see the nice lighting building (casinos) just nearby the airport

it was not-so cold tat nite when we reached there
okoklar...just like Genting
we were so happy & we follow our coaches to the hotel
i knew we will go to the infamous HardRock Hotel
it's cool, isn't it?
it was soooo DAMN nice!!!!
i love the hotel so soooo much!!!
all surrounded by music
the lobby filled with the stars decor
got Madonna, Jacky Cheung, Aerosmith, etc...
i like it sooo well!!!
And i found that all the guys & gals working there are so CHIO
all leng zais & leng luis there...

our rooms are also soo DAMN nice!!!
very big & the interior is so nice!!!
somemore my room can see the building opposite us (i think is HYATT hotel)
the lighting is so GREAT!!!
it will change all the time...just like a rhythmic lighting show

i just knew that it's 5STAR hotel & it will be almost RM1000++ for each room
wow!!!Thanks to Abbott!!!
1st nite we keep snap here & there...
our hotel is attached with a big & classy casino...
i think all the casino there are much more NICER than Genting one

we found that opposite our hotel are the infamous VENETIAN hotel+casino
who ever watch the korean 花樣男子will know it...
they got took some scenes in The Venetian
the shopping mall is so GRANT
all branded stuffs u can see in here
some brands haven't approach to M'sia

one issue we found there is:
u can see many leng luis wearing very nice de
some carry branded bags
standing outside the casino
sometimes around 5-6 gals stand together
they are all WHORES *sorry if i'm rude*
in chinese i know is援交
cos all of them are so young just like 20+ only
i knew it cos some of my guy colleagues kena when they walk through themselves
they will come approach u & ask whether u wan the service or not
can pay by credit card somemore!!!hahaha!!!
it's around RM1000
2nd day we got meeting with our GM
then noon time is our day trip in Macau
we follow the coaches & tour guard was giving instruction on the places we went
OMG!!!the Macau tour guard's English is soo SUCKS!!!
hahaha!!!hardly understand his English
i dunno whether Chris understand or not
the weather on that day was soooo DAMN COLD~!!!
i think it's around 10degree only...

we went to Ah-ma Temple媽祖廟, Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul大三巴斜街
then dinner at local Portuguese restaurant
the food were quite nice
but we were so full as all very big portion

3rd day was our ZhuHai trip
it was so crowded when we reach there
actually just 20-30mins we can go there from Macau bridge
they said alot of ppls go there for weekend shopping
it's called China!!!
it's really crowded & u can see all the bicycles at there
then after that we went for day tour again
then went for just 1-2hours shopping at the underground bazaar
actually we dun have chance to shop properly
cos time was so constraint
cos all the clothing there are winter clothing
not suit for M'sia weather also
i just bought 2pairs of boots (1 is the UGG boots) & a PINK winter coat
it's sooo PRETTY!!!!i love it so much cos the cutting very suits me

Finally we went to the Yuen Ming Garden 圓明新園
it's just like the exact 圓明園
but not the real one lar...
we watch the dance show
it talked about Qing dynasty
i love DANCE performance (cos i was a dancer also mar...)

The last day we at Macau
it was free & easy moment for us
we went to 大三巴again
cos we all wanna buy souvenirs
the蛋捲there were so nice!!!!
i like the 豬扒包,雲吞麵&雙皮燉奶there
i miss it!!!!but the food there not cheap lor...

after that we depart & fly back to M'sia
It was a memorable trip for me
cos it's my 1st time to Macau & Zhu-Hai
& it's my 1st company trip...
hope can go some where else soon...

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