Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am back!!!!

Finally i back to KK
now am enjoying my holidays with all my family & friends...

Everything still the same
same bed, same TV, same smell, same sofa
i feel like Ah Boy is getting mature
LOL!!!of cos he's now 20 d...
not the lil bro naked & running everywhere after his bath
And my daddy is like having his placenta injection
hahaha!!!cos i dun see any ageing on his face
just the tummy getting bigger & bigger
my mummy & jun...
nothing much to mention cos i saw them in KL d...
i MISS them so much!!!

meeting up with all the friends is GREAT!!!
glad to see HuiLee
although she's HUGE now
but still the same CUTE
And other friends Ah Wei, Shene Ying, Winnie, WanLing, etc.

Happy holidays to all!!!

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