Thursday, February 25, 2010

my 2010 CNY

This year CNY holidays
i think i stayed in KK quite long
cos only came back on 年初八
i miss everything there...
my family, my friends, the beaches, the food, etc

am gonna start my sharing time

this year i didn't cut my hair & change any hair style
still the same lor
but i came back & let daddy dye my hair lar
cos FOC mar...
And ah boy is helping daddy in his saloon d
this year CNY
the only difference is my daddy not with us
he went to work as tourist guard...
cos mm's friend who works as tourist guard said CNY they need more tourist guards
as lots of tourists will come to visit Sabah
and the pay is sooo GOOD also...
since CNY daddy stay home everyday also
so he decided to go & work lor

And Ray deardear is coming here for visit also
it's good to have him here
And he's quite easily get close with my friends also

The best of CNY is u can c all ur friends around
just like one year one gathering
everyone goes ppl's open house together & grab Ang Pow
visit a friend's house u may meet another long lost friend also...
and u can have one year once gambling time!!!
am not the gamble kaki but still very excited can play play with friends once every year

now my CNY holidays ended
and am coming back for work again
still in HOLIDAY mood lar

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