Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For the 1st time

Last night
it was our 1st time
arguing until tears out...

since we knew each other so long
since we've been besties for so long
it was our 1st time
i cant forget it until now...

i know that both of us are the same person
we got same temple, same personality...
sometimes may not get rid of the other side's temple
but we did tolerate

it is always be the problem of mis-communicating
misunderstanding of the other side's meaning

A relationship must have toleration & understanding
maybe we have not enough of toleration & understanding
when mis-communication occured
it will ruin up our relationship

i never count or compare that how much both of us sacrifice for each other
i also never count or compare how good that both of us treat each other

i understand that maybe i will not as attentive as u wish
but i did change & do all my best
for u, i never regret on what i've done for u

but u...
i dunno that u still thinking about how much u sacrifice for me & how good u treat me
i dun understand y...
i admitted that u really treat me so good...
but from my heart i knew that i treat u as good as i can do
even i never count on the "quantity" of it

last night
ur words hurt me so deep into my heart

please calm urself down & listen me from heart

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