Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome our new family member

firstly, i felt that i'm so bias about Blushie...
actually there is a new member in our house now
it's one of Phoebe's new baby gal

Phoebe was given birth 2nd time
this time got 4babies -- 2 boys & 2 gals
my RayDear planned to sell all the babies as his parents don't wanna keep so many dogs at home
2 already enough *Didi & Phoebe*
so we brought the babies to petshop for sell...

Then RayDear's brother saw one of the babies
he wanna keep for himself
it's why now my house got a new member...
i'm not the 貪新忘久person
i'm still into Blushie and she's my命根

And u can say that i'm bias towards Blushie...
nolarrr...actually the baby shih tzu is quite cute
she's so noisy and keep "crying" when we put her into the pen
then once come out will be very happy & wont make noises

But u know lar
how hard have to start to train a puppy from beginning
this is why i hate cos the new puppy will pee pee and poo poo everywhere
and everyone knew that shih tzu is very "keras kepala" one...
they will do whatever they want even u stop them from doing it

But she's very adorable when u see her walk around u and manja manja...
especially when u play with her and she like to look at u very innoncently
so damn CUTE!!!!
we named her "Mei-Mei"...
it's by RayDear's bro...
he said is because she's Blushie little sister...hahahaha!!!what a funny reason...
i used to called her鐘無艷
cos her face got half white color & half black color...

Actually she's quite intelligent now as she follow what Blushie did
like poo poo & pee pee at the balcony...
and she will scare n act innocently when u scold her...
her innocent face very funny and make ur heart soften

But one thing i hate her is --
She really likes to BITE things!!!!
bite bite bite!!!!
she's really a DESTROY QUEEN!!!!
sometimes Blushie will follow her BAD habit that pee pee inside the living room
tsk tsk tsk!!!!

here's her cute video clip:

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