Sunday, April 24, 2011

Party Hard Rock Well in Phuket ♥ Day 1

Finally done!!!!
i was so exhausted after "one-shot" finish the editting and posting of the photos
i knew it's almost 1month to get it done
but total up got 500++ photos
kill me please!!!!

And i'm so happy that all the photos are so nice
all shoot by my new Canon S95
thx my Ray Dear~~!!!

This Phuket trip actually we planned long long ago...
at first there were just 13person
then after a few drop out -- Ying Er went to Macau & ZunZun can't make it & Cindy not going
then plus other new comers -- Meil, Mandy, Alex, Di Ng, Nikki, Camy, Guan & his gf
then total up 18 of us went there together
isn't it sounds GRANT??? hahaha!!!

Just 2-3weeks before our trip
we only managed to book hotel for 18 of us
we managed to book The Bliss in Patong beach
it's a four star resort and sounds like nice plus the staying there not so expensive
still considered affordable for us...
we were so looking forward for this trip

It's 3days 2nights trip from Fri to Sun
early in Fri morning
all of us met in LCCT airport
then done every check-in
*although there were some incidents happened during the check-in*
 we managed to catch the flight on time

There was still early in the morning Thailand time 9something when we reached there
after check-in the hotel 
we planned to walk to McD for their infamous pork burger
 we forgot it was just morning and we only can have McBreakfast 

Actually the hotel "outlook" is ok
but when we walked in we don't feel 100% satisfied
cos it's kinda old hotel
the room is not as what we thought long as it's comfortable
i love the most is the view from hotel
super duper sea view for Patong beach!!!!!!
OMG!!!!i missed beach alot!!!!!

In the first day of afternoon
we walked in the street and snap around
then we planned to have Thai massage before heading to the beach

It's so GOOD that one thing u can freely do in Phuket but not Malaysia
u can just hold the bottle and drink and walk around the town
but if u do it in Malaysia will be very weird and...Chi Sin!!!

And another awesome thing u can do in Phuket is
u can wear bikini and walk everywhere
wear less less and walk around the town
no one will stare at u and no one care here in Phuket

After the Thai massage 
we all headed back to hotel for changing
then it's time to invade the Patong beach!!!
it felt so good that can drink and play at the beach side...

Night time
we walked out to the happening street for seafood dinner
frankly to tell
the food not as cheap as we ate in Bkk
the food in the place that we ate not as fresh as we thought
and it's also not as good as we thought too...
nice seafood dinner???

After dinner 
it's drinking session!!!!
we went to a nightlife street dunno what "soi"
there are whole row of pubs and bars along the street
pole dancing, liveband, A-go-go sex show, smack ass fun, etc
the smack ass fun is one of the new thing i never heard about
hahaha!!!!in the pub u can hold a sponge stick then u can just smack who ever Thai girl working inside
erm...sounds pervert rite???hahahah!!!
we choosed a pub and sit there for drinking
along the street u can see lots of Thai whores looking for their target
they all quite pretty but just u see clearly some are abit plastic and they are AH-GUA

We drink and played game alll night long
seriously maybe we lack of sleep
so everyone of us were sooo damn tired and exhausted
it's our fun first day...

To Be Continued...



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