Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Party Hard Rock Well in Phuket ♥ Day 2

Now i'm going to continue my Phuket story
our day 2 in Phuket
we woke up and play at the pool side
sounds so weird right?
cos Phuket got beach why we wanna play at the pool?!
it's our tradition...

On day 2
we rent the motorcycles
so we no need to walk so far
we ride the motorcycles to McD for their pork burger again...
this time we got it!!

Then we just walk along the street 
all of the gals wanna look for nice & cheap bikinis
so we shop at the street...
and the next was our massage time again
it's so good that can everyday have massage and it's so cheap

After massage we ride the motorcycles to Hard Rock hotel
went in and snap around
some of us did buy some Hard Rock shirt as memories
Ray Dear and me got us new Hard Rock tee...
a Hard Rock staff came to us and told us that there will be a foam party that night organised by Hard Rock
wow!!!sounds so great!!!
we never party in foam
so must join!!!!
it's only 599baht per person and get drinks and dry towel provided
u can dance all night long in the foam...

And he also attracted us on the "sexy bikini contest"
anyone can participate in the contest
it's free entry to the party and free flow for all night long
wow~~!!!!somemore got prize for winner
actually we just wanna have fun so us gals planned to join the contest

Before we headed to the Hard Rock foam party
we went for dinner at another street
the food is better than the 1st night
after this it was our partay time~~!!!

We had a a lot of fun that night
seriously it was my 1st time for this kind of party
it was a great memory for all of us
all of us had great fun that night

In the contest
every participant entitle one FREE Hard Rock baby tee
and u can use ur own creativity to cut or tie ur tee
then they will need u to tear off the tee or take it off to show ur bikini
we were so regret that we spoilt our Hard Rock tee cos it's 999baht for each
OMG!!!!we tore off RM100!!!!!

Nikki won the "sexy bikini contest"
actually it was just lucky draw to draw out the winner
Bravo for Nikki to have the luck...
there were 8 contestants but 6 of the contestants were us!!!!
the prize is 6000...baht
hahahaha!!!!it will sound more better if RM6000 rite???
and too bad it was not in cash but u can use up 6000baht value to buy things in Hard Rock shop
whatever larrr...nvm...we just want to have fun...

After the party
we walk back to our hotel
actually just not far away only...
on the way back
we saw got ppl selling 天燈
we bought 1 and make wishes and flew it to the sky

Most of us were so damn tired after the party
but there were a few of us came out from hotel and chit chat + drinking at the beach
cos it will be the last night in Phuket
gonna fly back to the reality the next day

2nd day was a great one for all of us...♥


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