Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guan's bday @Phuture

I haven't completely done my editting on the Phuket trip pics
so just blog about Guan's bday 1st...
pls be patient about my Phuket trip... * to myself*

It's like our 1st year friendship anniversary
cos last year same day
i knew CC, Chrys, Guan, Sean, etc
and until now it's just like the flying G6
time past so fast
we knew each other for 1 year d...
friendship forever!!!

This year we come out together like a small gathering for Guan's bday celebration
the bday boy had fall in love lately...
so he's not single anymore!!!
another guy taken...hahahaha!!!

Too bad that my laopo Bonnie can't join us for the party
but Da Ga Jie Nikki & tweety bird Kiki were there to join us...
it make the party happen!!!

We snap together drink together and dance together
it was yet a great night!!!
we all had fun...

Again...happy birthday to Guan!!!

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