Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wig mania♥

Actually i got very very long straight hair
i keep it long all the while cos i think long hair is easy for styling
u can curl whenever u want
or just tie up a bun like those japanese gals...
long hair is easy for any style
so i wont cut my hair short

But sometimes i saw some pretty gals with short or middle length hair 
feel like wanna be one of them
but i don't wish to sacrify my long hair...

And sometimes i will feel bored as always go out with my straight long hair...
wanna make some changes to it but don't want make it short

Finally i found some ideas for my hair


I love playing with wig actually
cos when u want short bob hair
u can hide all ur long hair and wear the wig u want...
it makes u look different and fresh...
not the usual BORING u anymore~~~!!!

I got 1 short bob wig 
it make me look dolly
i like it so much...
i never thought that short bob hair suits me so much...

And i just saw from Minimaos
OMG!!!they are selling nice japanese style wig!!!
i'm gonna get them!!!
They bring in those Japanese models wig!!!

They got Miliyah wig!!!
*Credit to Minimaos*
Everyone loves the famouse Miliyah!!!
She's the fashion goddess singer in Japan!!!
i think u can always see her in Vivi magazine...

Got Rinka wig
*Credit to Chessie*
Rinka is ex-Vivi model
she's so lovely with her signature shoulder length bob!!!

Then they also bring in Tsubasa wig!!!
*Credit to Minimaos* 
This is also the signature hairstyle of Tsubasa

And also Romihi wig
*Credit to Chessie*
Romihi is famous with her blondy hair
and she's the model from EGG Japan fashion magazine

Personally i like Rinka wig & Miliyah wig
and finally i bought Rinka wig from Minimaos d...
gonna get Miliyah wig also!!!

I can always change my hairstyle in very easy way d!!!


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