Friday, October 8, 2010

In ♥ with Mango & Jaspal 2010 fall collection

Recently i found that every brand is coming out with their latest Fall/Autumn collection
always passby the mannequins at the boutiques shopping windows
and saw lots of attractive & nice apparels from their latest collection...
ON my shopaholic mode and feel like wanna shop 'em all back!!!

I knew some of the trench coats & boots we can't wear it in M'sia
if u wear ppls will think that u "ki xiao" d...
and for sure i will get it if i'm in the countries that got 4seasons...
ppls in those countries...u make me envy >"<

Just search and share some of the my ♥ pieces from Mango:

And here's the lovely pieces from Jaspal ♥:
thinking to get one of these HIGHLIGHTER legging for my dearie Maggie's bday party
but dunno whether Topshop got or not...
will check it out :P 
Isn't they really lovely?? ♥
gonna check 'em out!!


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