Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teenage Dream

It's a teaser for our up coming event on this coming Fri night!!!
Maggie aka Miss Arnab, it's ur bday!!!
so we gonna celebrate BIG BIG!!!

As it's her 1st very own birthday party since so many years...
we gonna make it as BIG as possible
She was sooo looking forward & excited about this party
preparing this and that...
and she set the theme as "Bunny's Teenage Birthday Party"
everyone gonna wear like a teenager

it's considered hard yet easy
cos now we all already into the age of early 30's
how can we dress up ourselves to become a TEENAGER?!?!
dress as YOUNG & COLORFUL as you can...
just enjoy the time back to you teenage time...
just like the TEENAGE DREAM~~

I had some ideas of what to wear on that night...
as am not the main VIP
i think i dun need such an exaggeration outfit
just match the them then ok!!!

As Maggie had mentioned about the dress code in her invitation
you can go from funky streetwear 
to cheeky colorful KATY PERRY inspired cute dress to crazy 80's teenage wear

Hey guys...
any idea???
just stay tune that night...

i've found the teenage dream icon for my own reference as well
maybe i can go for the Katy Perry funky cute style...

1 comment:

  1. come one babe !
    how can u say u're at early 30'??
    this is a crime !!!!!!!!