Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crazy party in A Farmosa

Last two weeks
we went for CC, YY & Hann birthday celebration
we got a big birthday bash at A Farmosa
again we have poolside party at the bungalow there...

It was an awesome party as this time we got 41 person joining the party
and some of them are newly joining in
-- Mandy, Bonnie, Onn, Choon Ni, Jerry, Sharon, Olivia, MeiMei, Chloe, Chloe's two friends, Jing, Kenneth, Yu, Xiu, Bernard, and another Chrys colleague idk his name...
so many names i need to type it out

And we learned from previous party
we must take some group pics before go into the pool
as after we wet then we will b fugly...LOL!!!
so we took alot of nice pics before we start to get wet XD

Although we had some incidents happened that night
it still considered a successful party
just the cons are after everyone get wet the floor inside house become dirty & slippy
and the toilet & sinks of cos will got some puke there...YUCKS!!!
and also not enough of rooms & space to let all of us 41ppls sleep...

Here are some of my self potrait :P

Here's some of the pic before we gone crazzziee~~
There were just some of the drinks the night...FML!!!

My Ray Dear ban ke ai <3

Next day as usual we went to Melacca for our brunchie
and as usual Melacca is still FARKING hot!!!
idk how Melacca ppls survive >"<
it was another our party weekend

P/S: No photos during the party XD

The End


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