Thursday, September 9, 2010

In ♥ with LIESE bubble hair color

now i'm in <3 with Liese hair products
i think all gurls will love it...
cos it's cute, lovely & fruity!!!

i did mentioned that i'm using Liese hair cocktail in peach smell <3
and smooth hair cocktail spray to smoothen out my hair tangles
now i was attracted by their BUBBLE HAIR COLOR also!!!

Went shopping with Maggie aka MissArnab to Sasa
then she was thinking to dye her hair
and the packaging is too lovely that we can't stand to have a try on it
she used it & the result is GOOD!!!

Then it was my turn to dye my hair using Liese BUBBLE HAIR COLOR
i bought same color as Maggie -- Ash Brown
actually i like other colors also...
but was thinking to dye a not-so-light color for working
tat's why i choosed Ash Brown

Can't wait to try it!!!!
on the night i purchased i straightaway use it...

Let me share my hair dye with LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOR:
the pack inside it's completed with handgloves, reagent1, reagent2, pump & hair moisturizer

1stly, just mix the reagent 1 into reagent 2 bottle
then just shake it VERY gentlely
cos bubbles will appeared if shake too hard...

2ndly, put the pump on the reagent 2 bottle opening
so u can pump out the mixed reagent
remember to wear ur handgloves to do the hair dye

3rdly, pump out the reagent by squeezing the bottle
once u pump it out
u will see in bubble form
normal hair dye color is in liquid form
it's amazing rite?!

4thly,u put the bubble on ur hair & keep massaging
then after u pump all th reagent out & massage on ur hair
then u just leave it for 30mins

After 30mins
then u wash & rinse ur hair with normal shampoo
after u towel dry ur hair
then u can apply the hair moisturizer
the moisturizer taste so nice!!!'s DONE!!! <3
i like the color...
but maybe my skill not so pro
Jun told me under the sun look not so even woh... :(
but overall result is good larr~~
under the sun not really ash brown color...
the ash brown will appeared only under the florescent light or normal indoor light...

the next day i went for fringe cut
i cut my fringe cos when my fringe gone longer
and i put it on side
my forehead looks very bald ler...
OMG!!!me no likey
so i prefer to have thick fringe on my forehead
look younger rite???Tee-hee~~

Actually LIESE do have other nice hair products...
here's the official website of LIESE
and here's the TV ads of this BUBBLE HAIR COLOR *Winkzzz*

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