Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st visit to @live

This post gonna talk about our party at the new club @live at Sunway Pyramid
it was our 1st visit there...

Why here so special?
cos they have the liveband performing in the club
it's different as those clubs with DJ spinning music
somemore the liveband is from Thailand
the guys & gals in the band are all Leng Zai Leng Luisss... *woot woottt*

Actually most of the ppls don't like to go Sunway clubs
cos most of my frens told me they don't like cos the Sunway clubs got many LALAs...
but i think we have to some chance to the club also!!!
so finally we planned to go there...

1st impression -- Not bad
inside is quite nice also...
and not as many LALAs as we thought
the liveband not bad
they sing those latest HITO songs like Bad Romance, What you waiting for, Nobody, etc
erm...all the nice songs u hear in club u can hear they sing in here
normally the livebands are from Philipines or Indonesia
but this band is quite special larr...

Here's some of the photos on that night
and Jun asked JiaMing & Ah Kok them to join her also
and...oh ya...met Erick them also...
really long time din join them d...

*busy-ing taking photos*

*almost 90% of the photos got Chrys... ==|||*
*Oppsss...Maggie tipsy d...*
*We DRINKING family!!!*
*with Maggie's colleague -- Pretty Olivia*
*U see!!!Chrys kacau there again...ishhh*
*and this also... ==|||*
*Kim the tall sweety*

*Herm hermp...Jordan's hand tried to do what?! XD*
*Nah...give u face take pic with u lar...*

*LTNC (long time no c) friend -- Charles*
*Another LTNC friend -- Daniel*
*Wow...i got chance to take pic with one of the leng zai in the band XD*

*Miss Arnab's new Fav >///<*
*Another leng zai...but i prefer the other one =P*

The End!!!
will visit for another few more!!!

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