Thursday, September 23, 2010

i miss KK food ♥

seems like am a stranger to KK d...
so so long never back KK have local KK food
just saw my friend ahbing posted the nice KK food
make my saliva drops *Drooollll*

I really miss KK food badly
cos some food u really can't find in KL or anywhere else
it's the place's specialty food & u can't find in any other place in earth...
so sad that i can't always taste all the nice food while i was in KK for holidays
normally will only go back during CNY holidays...
for sure some restaurant haven't open before i left KK

I damn miss "sheng rou mian" lorrr~~!!!
it's the specialty of KK food
u can just find "zhu rou fen" in KL
it's similar as they are made by pork soup & pork...
but u can't find this kind of dish in KL
it's only in KK

And i miss Tuaran Mee also!!!!
as what ahbing mentioned
u can't find this mee in anywhere in earth except KK
the mee being named by the place -- Tuaran
it's a town in KK

and also i quite miss the ikan panggang there
especially the one at Luyang de
nearby Luyang specialist centre
must order their lamb or beef also...
dunno since when i never taste this already... :(

Besides that,
another food that i miss badly is Hong Kei fish noodles!!!
although i like the fish head noodles in KL
but it's abit different with the KL style
this one everytime i went back i got chance to eat lar...
hahaha!!! *satisfied*

And again it's Guo Min "Kon Lou Mee"
hmmm...damn miss the time during our high school
everytime after class we will straightaway go there...
cos not very far from our school if drive there
and the love the mee & the home made fish cake...

There's another food that i miss alot is 豬雜面
cos it's very famous in KK
they sold out around the time before lunch time
so must go there queue up and eat very early
i have chance to eat this cos it quite nearby with the AirAsia terminal
so mummy will bring me there if i go back... :)

Actually this post i just wanna share the special food in my hometown
and there's a complete guide in
here's the article:
Top 15 Best Food at Kota Kinabalu (Ultimate Guide to KK Food™)

P/S: i didn't attached the pics cos i dun wanna make myself feel hungry

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