Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FML please!!!

i feel kind of emotionally imbalance nao...
have to express my feeling only will feel better

Just glanced through some random KL popular chics' blogs & FB
idw mention the name or whatever details
hmm...i admit that i'm kinda ke-poh person
cos i love to glance through all the chio ppls' FB & blogs
peeping on what they wear what bag they carry or where they go

One thing that i really really don't understand is
where the hell they get the $$ from?!?!
is it they earn more than RM10K every month???
cos why they keep on blogging on what stuff they bought recently
Juicy Couture, Tiffany & Co., Montblanc, Prada, Chanel, Miu Miu, LV, Ferragamo, YSL, etc
FML please!!!!!!!!!

I scratch my head very hard
i think in 1 month they can spend up to RM10K
but where the hell they get such money???
where can earn such money in a permanent job i want to ask ar...
not direct sales, MLM the kind of jobs
but what else job can have such money to keep on buying?!

For me,
i considered as Shopaholic 敗家女among my friends d
but i'm very very very farking far behind 'em
somemore i will feel guilty if i spend much
i will feel like killing myself on spending so much and when u see those ppls have not enough money to maintain they daily life
WTF?!what are they really doing???

And also i admitted that i'm a branded slave
cos i hope i can get every designer brand handbags or accessories for myself
i really die die to save money & buy myself the bag i really really wanted for so long
but why the hell they can get it so easily?!
like just plucking from the sky
FML FML FML gao gao!!!
can anyone tell me how to earn so much & spend gao gao whatever i like?!

As an example
i fall in love with a Prada bag and i want it for so so long d...
asked d...full leather will b more than RM10k (WTF?! please kill me!!!)
and the nylon one will be RM5120
for me it's already killing me...
but i want it & can't stop wanting it so i plan to get it very soon
i mean not now lor...
even now i have the money i also can't just like impulse buying lor
i need to plan for very long only i will get it...

What can i say?!
i have nothing to say but just to say "Fuck my life"!!!

just to self comfort lar...
i can say in another way
i'm not from a farking rich family
everything i want i must get by myself
it's called自食其力
and i'm very proud of it...
cos i don't depend on family background or some sugar daddies
but what i what i really get it by my血汗錢

And i had promised myself & Ray Dear
we must save money for our bright future
i wan even more...i wan a new HOUSE!!!
am gonna get it by myself...
*see how proud i am...*
hahahaha...just let me soothen my imbalance emotion lar...

And again
i knew i'm just expressing my own feeling and not pin-pointing anyone...
u can call me酸葡萄心態 whatever lar...

now i'm feeling better...

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