Wednesday, April 21, 2010


am gonna talk about my taipei trip again...
i must tell it before the memory fade out...

It was our 4th day in Taiwan
2nd day in Taipei
In morning we depart to 陽明山
we stay at 善導寺站
the destination is at 士林站
then need to walk to bus station
wait for the bus & go up to the hill

For me actually it's quite similar as our Cameron Highlands
but there very nice cos of the櫻花&海芋
and it's Spring time now
so the flowers blooming
it's sure very nice

raining again...
the tempearture is already so cold
plus raining & winds
it's sooo COLD~~~!!!
beh tahan lar...
cos of the strong winds
we can't use umbrella
so we bought the rain coat
and Lance said it's like the "condom in walking"

From my opinion lar
陽明山is a must go place
but...the distance to there not so short also...
so if go there must plan thoroughly
because it's so cold there
we only make it to see海芋
didn't make it to see櫻花
cos the garden separate into many parts...
we just went to the海芋station/garden
actually the flowers are nice
sure u can't find in Msia

then after that
we can't tahan the cold & hunger
we had our lunch there
it's soo nice that u drinking the hot soup in cold weather

After lunch
we plan not to stay there
we go for our next destination
cos if stay there longer
we will waste more time & have lesser time to go other where else
next destination: 淡水

again, we went there by 捷運
it's just at 淡水站
once u walk out from the station
u can see the淡水老街just at there only
we didn't manage to go 漁人碼頭also
raining larrr...
just went to淡水老街walk walk
there got the巨無霸霜淇淋
it's what i saw from TV
hahaha!!!very very very tall sundae ice cream
again...we ate lots of nice local food
but i prefer the臭豆腐in高雄
cos the臭豆腐i tried there is different
and they apply with酸梅sauce
yerrr...not match at all!!!

we went to infamous 西門町
so sad that i can't make it to go by day time
cos i heard that there may have lots of functions
u may see artists there
mou ban fat lorrrr
once i reached there
i bought 2pairs of heels d...
then a nice cutting blazer for myself...
hahahah!!!i tahan for few days only can shop ler
if can't shop then i will get crazy!!!
then we walk ourselves & meet up at a time
Ray dear bought a nice jacket & a long sleeves
the style & cutting there really fit him well
cos Bangkok apparels is too fit & so small cutting for him

oh ya...
one regret that i can't make it to eat阿宗麵線
cos too many ppls...
& when we went back to eat the shop going to close d...
so we find other food to eat
the noodles soup quite nice
the soup just like魚翅羹
very special
taste quite good lar...

Then all the 西門町shops are around to close
actually i was waiting Laopo to call us up
(Laopo went touring with her mum...)
then Laopo & Onn planning to go Luxy
i was wanting to go there sooo much!!!
Luxy is a club just located at東區
go by捷運just stop at忠孝敦化
then u can see the club d once u come out from the station...

Too bad!!!
Lance they all spend most of the money last nite in 18
Laopo, Onn & me were wanting to go there lerr...
the cover charge is NT600
but they make me心大心小
dunno wan to go in or not...
Struggling for quite a long while
at last
we just at the entrance...haizzzz
so soo sooo bad!!!
i dun care...i must come again next trip!!!
it's so sorry that make Laopo & Onn can't go in there
who to blame?!

we just drink at another cafe nearby then go back lor :(

(To be continued...)

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