Saturday, April 10, 2010


edit all pics & am gonna share my 1st Taiwan trip...
(cos also helping Onn & my Laopo -- Bonnie to upload the pics also)

it's Spring time in Taiwan
We went there on 31st March
the day before we depart we went to overnite at Ray Dear's Sepang house
as it will b more convenient for us to go airport
plus we brought our daughter Blushie to accomodate there
so Ray Dear's parents can take care of her also

I told u i was so Gan Jeong for the trip
keep worrying about the weather there
whether i bring right apparels to there

On the day we depart
i din sleep much
mayb i was nervous & very very looking forward for the trip
very 辛苦 cos slept not enough

Ray Dear & me was on time for the check-in session
when we check in the Airasia staff had told us that they will close the counter about 30mins in time
so she asked us to call our frens must check in on time
Onn, Bonnie & her mum & sis were on time also
then Darren & Celine were on time check in
but unluckily Vanessa, Lance & Faei were late
they cant get in on board with us...
I can see the disappointment from their eyes
it was Faei's fault...dunno he was late or wat lar...
i just knew at last their air ticket paid by Faei
pity him...but it was his fault...Mao Bian~~~

the flight from M'sia to Taipei is around 4hours++
we were so excited that we were heading to Taiwan NOW~~~!!!
planning to go whr n whr
when we reach there is around 2 something in noon
1stly we went to eat something 1st
just cincai eat at airport cafe...
but the food were quite nice woh...not bad...
i taste the real 台灣紅燒牛肉麵
Yum Yum...
they all ate 滷肉飯

then from the plan(Celine & Vanessa plan de)
we will heading to Kaoshiung 高雄 straightaway
Vanessa & lance they haven't reach yet woh...they will reach Taipei around 6pm ler...
Laopo & me were decide not to go 高雄d de...
but they seems like very keen to go...
oklor...Mao Bian~~~
we went to ride the bus to 高鐵站
then buy ticket to 高雄
 the ticket was damn expensive actually
around NT1300 ler!!!tats mean RM130

It was 2hours time from Taipei to Kaoshiung
we were sooo tired...
after plane then train...
i start regret to go Kaoshiung d...
Celine got Taiwan fren actually
her fren is 高雄人
so planning to bring us go around Kaoshiung
the next day we will go down 墾丁

After we reach 高雄
we go check in our hotel 1st
from the beginning we dun wan to came here
but they told us the hotel is booked & paid
at last i knew it was not...
KENA again...
nvmlor...i never been Taiwan before
so it is my own experience marrr...
the hotel room there was so clean & nice
not like those cheap cheap hotel at all
we stayed in 康橋商旅
after we settle down & changed
we went to infamous六合夜市
it's not as big as 士林夜市
but ok also
hahaha!!!!we must try Taiwan道地的小吃
we tried臭豆腐, 棺材板, 四神湯, 炸雞排, 蠔仔煎, 貢丸湯, 肉圓, etc.
although the food taste different as M'sia taste
but quite nice also

After that we went to 高雄愛河, 高雄中山大學(it just located at awesome!!!), then we go eat 米糕again...
at last we back to hotel & take rest
Damn tired~~!!!
it was my 1st day in Taiwan

(To be continued...)

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