Tuesday, April 13, 2010


since now am free & have time
let me blog about my 2nd day in Taiwan

As i mention in previous entry
we were in Kaoshiung 1 night...
"1 night in 高雄, 我留下許多情~~~"

The second day
We went & find Celine's 高雄frens
they gonna bring us to 墾丁!!!
am so looking forward for 墾丁trip!!!!
墾丁, 我來了!!!!!!!

But actually we spend lots of time in Celine's fren's shop
erm...is like wait for this & that
then Brian -- Celine's 高雄fren
he brought Ray Dear to rent a family car
cos Brian will drive his car & Ray Dear will drive the rented car
hahaha!!!!my Ray Dear can drive in Taiwan...dun play play
he went to apply the international license before we went there

Then we start our journey
i just realize...
from 高雄to墾丁still need to drive around 2hours... *faint*
can u realize that we spend our precious time in travel
We had our lunch in the middle of the way to墾丁
we had 滷肉飯again...
my Fav Taiwan food...even it's Fattening!!!
and we also try 鮮魚湯
Laopo's mum said the fishy smell very strong
but for me is oklar...

After that we continue our driving journey
in the middle of journey
we stop at roadside & they wanna have cup of coffee
it's our tea time
(i dun wan lerrr...can faster reach 墾丁arrr?!?!?!)
we spend around 1hour for coffee
luckily i can see the nice beach scene lar...

So, we continue our journey again
Brian suggest to bring us to四重溪,which also well known by the HOTSPRING!!!
yay!!!!we suppose to plan to go北投溫泉
but now we can go溫泉, why not?!
ok...before we reach 墾丁we go 四重溪
cos they said it's just in between the journey to 墾丁

We did spend some good time in四重溪溫泉
cos the溫泉屋is really nice
the 溫泉屋named茴香戀戀溫泉會館
interesting is...there has裸湯ohhh...
somemore got SPA lerrrrr...
the溫泉there got 高溫溫泉,冷泉,人參泉,玫瑰泉,芬多精泉& fish spa
quite enjoyable...
as i have never try to go 溫泉before (except the Mount Kinabalu one lar...yucksss)

After the溫泉session
we continue to go墾丁...
when we reach there is already night time d...
haizzz...我的陽光沙灘比基尼!!!! XD
we check-in to 御廷motel
wow...it's just a motel only...
but farking big & nice
it's 日式和風style~~~!!!
not expensive at all just around NT1300++ but u can stay in such room

we went to 墾丁大街(erm...dunno wat the name...many ppls de...n got the night market)
there were very happening
lots of nice food, nice things to see...
u can see all chio gals wearing bikini inside maxi flower dress!!!
got沙灘feel o0o0o...
we ate lots of nice 台灣道地小吃again...
walk, see & eat!!!
there just like the pattaya street...got pubs, boutiques selling bikinis, etc.
i saw lots of nice民宿at seaside...
nice lerrr...it's wat u saw in偶像劇...

one thing very regret is we went there is Thursday
and they have春吶 (吶喊春天的到來)演唱會on Saturday & Sunday
it's very very happening BIG event happen in墾丁
u can imagine that...
everyone wearing very fresh&清涼
sing together plus u can see many Taiwan famous singer woh...

Late night
we went out & find a place to DRINK
the beer is soooo CHEAP!!!
it's just NT100 for 3can of Carlsberg
wow!!!!why M'sia beer so damn expensive?!?!
it was the only night i drink
i din drunk but dunno y...
the next day i was hangover until i puke
i think it caused by long hours driving journey...
am so sien with the travelling distance d...
can i choose to stay in Taipei only instead of sitting in car/train hours & hours???

(To be continued...)

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