Thursday, April 15, 2010


now am going to share my days in Taipei

After we back from墾丁
Celine's 高雄fren -- Brian brought us to the famous麻辣火鍋in高雄
my tummy was not so well
so i didn't eat much
but it was so NICE~~~!!!
compared to the麻辣火鍋i ate in Singapore
it's FARKING much more better than that!!!!
i love the高級牛肉,羊肉,etc
YUM YUM~~~!!!!

After we finish the lunch
it's time to sayonara with  Brian
we depart to Taipei~~!!!

But at the previous entry i had told ya
From Kaoshiung to Taipei
it takes around 2hours
and the 高鐵ticket is around NT1300++ also
so we did really spend alot on transporting

We reach Taipei
it's around night time
again, waste a nice beautiful DAY
we reach台北車站
it's like the KL sentral got monorail, LRT
we change to ride捷運from台北車站to善導寺
our hotel just at 善導寺站there
i thought need to walk a distance
mana tau...hahaha!!!!
very de near lor...
just go straight & turn right then can see our hotel d...
Taipei hotel is not as nice as Kaoshiung & Kenting one
i think just like if RM150++ u can find a much more better hotel in other state than KL
same price but in different environment the place will be big difference de...
but oklar...still consider clean & tidy
and more much better than Singapore hotel with RM200++
bigger & more comfortable

We straightaway go Taipei101 after we settle down our luggage
cos at night can see the nice lighting of Taipei101
it was raining at Taipei
wow~~!!it's already 14degree there & plus raining...
very killing COLD ler...
we walk while snap here & there
my tummy still not so well
so i decide to buy 飯糰at 7-11
i LOVE Taiwan 7仔!!!!
cos u can find many things inside...
much much much much more better than KL one...ISHHH!!!!
i love the drinks they sell
the cheap but nice開架式skincare
the nice cheap food
the nice magazine!!! (i bought latest VIVI & MINA magazine there...woohooo~~!!!)
i ate 7-11飯糰every night cos have to prevent my gastric pain (cause tummy discomfort)

Then we decide to go CLUB!!!
yay!!!finally can club in Taipei~~!!!
i strongly recommend them to go ROOM18
cos it opened by Taiwan artist de...somemore they said if u lucky u can see Taiwan artists in there lerr
must go n try out the luck
(we were not that lucky that night...haizzz)
then they saw beside ROOM18 another club named LAVA very nice also
recommended by the Taiwanese youngster
but at last we went to ROOM18

When we reach there it was not many ppls there
i think not the climax time yet
we contact my Laopo & Onn to come & join us
(Laopo went to go around with her mummy & sister...didn't join us up b4 this...)
i fall in love with the taiwan clubsss
why???cos it's my 1st time to club in a non-piggy environment!!!!
hahahahaha!!!!u got what i mean???
all the ppls there leng zai leng lui
am so tiny &自卑lorrr
hahaha!!!cos i didn't dress up nicely myself
even the staffs working there also leng zai leng luisss
normally the leng zai u see in KL clubs
here is nothing!!!不算甚麼
cos most are leng zaissss!!!!

Laopo & me saw a gang of leng zai leng lui
they seems like those models
i think all the guys taller than 180cm & gals also 170cm
wow~~!!!all CHIO!!! one will "muk" us in there
cos we r nothing... >"<

Laopo told me Onn & her just knew a gang of Taiwanese
they are very friendly & they gonna join us
yay!!!so good that can know new friends in a new place
we hang around together that whole night
so sad that i was banned from drink
cos of my tummy >"<

On that night it own
we had spend alot on drinking
actually i think pay for cover charge is ok d...
no need to spend so much on liquor
cos we only見識見識marrr...
but nevermind long as we enjoyed
after that i only knew that Darren, Lance & Faei
had spend most of their money
so...tomorrow night & the night after tomorrow they will not have enough money to spend on club d
oh ya...for ur information, ROOM18 cover charge is NT700
if wanna have包廂need to pay NT8000
then u order liquor & deduct credits from the NT8000
quite different as our procedures here

P/S: my Laopo was sober that night...Darren also "ng dim"...LOL!!!
nice to know Peter, Lydia, Eiffy, Shang-han =D

(To be continued...)

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