Monday, January 30, 2012


Our day4 in HK, we went to 中環. Walked from our hotel to the油麻地站 around 10-15 mins, then we took the railway to中區.

It's the place that all the office people working there and it is the high class place which most of the branded designer boutiques there. LV, Gucci, Burberry, etc. Because it's the offices working area so very hard to find a茶餐廳here, but at last we found a茶餐廳and have our brunch there. We order the authentic Hong Kong food 艇仔粥, 牛腩麵, 雲吞麵...

After brunch, we headed to 銅鑼灣 which Times Square is located at there. The Times Square is totally different as our KL Times Square. I was thinking to find Agnes B shop because i saw in the direction map of shop lists, but at last i couldn't find it. The guys were so happy because they bought alot in Tommy Hilfiger as Tommy is more cheaper and worthy to buy there as compared to Malaysia. I want to find H&M but couldn't find it around the area too don't know why. Oh ya! Finally i found my Jill Stuart here!!!
Until night, we walked to 海港城. U can find Chanel, Miu Miu, T&Co, Hermes all the brands there. The day we walked quite a lot. And u can see China ppls queuing up for the branded shops like LV, Prada. We were thinking to find Burberry Blue label shop as we knew it just newly open it's outlet in HK but at last couldn't find too. Next time must do survey before go HK. And we found H&M, all of us shop ourselves inside the outlet for almost 1-2hours as they having sales.

We were too tired and exhausted after the whole day walking along the streets. We found a茶餐廳again for our dinner. After dinner, we had our dessert at the infamous 許留山. Then the星光碼頭just along there. We walked all the way to see the 星光大道celebrities hand prints and night scene of HK碼頭. Actually the scene is AWESOME!!! Just all of us already exhausted-to-the-max!!!

 This is the result of my shopping!!!

It was the end of the day. Exhausted!!!