Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ok. I've done my New Year Resolution post and Conclusion of 2011 and even Christmas post. Now i will continue my HK trip post.

When we were discussing and planned for the HK trip, we decided to go Shen Zhen for 1day. As mentioned by Onn, there are a lot of electronic things selling in the malls. Iphone accessories and charger this and that. We were thinking to go for a short day trip so we went to do the China visa. 

But when we reached HK, our mind changed. We hope can stay in HK rather than go Shen Zhen. And we had already done our visa if not going it's kind of wasted. So at last we followed our plan heading to Shen Zhen, some more all of us never go Shen Zhen before except Onn. 

After our brunch in the HK茶餐廳, we ride the railway to 羅湖站. It's the interchange station of HK & Shen Zhen, It's exactly we saw it HK drama about the immigration. We keep on reminding each other on our bags, because keep hearing that the safety in Shen Zhen not so good and will have a lot of pickpocketing cases. 

The environment in Shen Zhen is totally different as HK. In HK u can see the urbanized city and considered clean environment, but in Shen Zhen, it's totally same as what i saw in Hang Zhou and Nanjing. The peoples here are so different as Hongkies. And i knew Hongkies hate to be compared with the China people. But what to do?! Now the economics are all controlled by China.

I still prefer Shanghai the most among all cities in China. At first Onn brought us to the digital mall street. In the mall, we found our Iphone in-car charger, Ipad cover, Iphone cable, etc. It's sooo damn cheap!!! But of cause we knew it's中國貨. We found a restaurant and ordered some China food. Hmmm... we don't like the food. Maybe it's because the taste is different as what we can accept.

Then, Onn brought us to a步行街 called 東門. Remember what i mentioned in my China trip? Every cities in China got it own步行街. At there, the shops are like "pasar malam" style. Hmmm... I no likey! Plus the weather there was so hot so we no mood to shop there. Me n Laopo just bought 1 pair of wedge heels and we were kind like ran away from there. Tak Boleh Tahan! The guys went for masage. *they were so smart WTF* 

Then we met up and had the thinking of "faster go back HK larrr...We want HK!!!" Haha!!! We walk to a味食街 behind the street and there were so many stalls selling different kind of China food. Ok! Since we were there so just have a try. I like a蔥油餅that same as Ray Dear's mum bought for me in Shanghai. I like that, inside got the"香菜" we don't like, so all of them can't accept the taste except me although i don't like it in my soup. LOL!!! We found重慶酸辣粉 exactly same as what i ate in Shanghai! This is the one i like! Mandy and Laopo they all said nice too! Just it was hot weather there, u will sweat all over ur clothes when eating this hot spicy mee soup. I prefer to eat like i was in Shanghai, cold weather plus hot soup!

We were so sweaty and sticky and exhausted after a whole day in Shen Zhen. We were kind of disappointed to go there because we don't like the environment there. Sorry to be rude if i sound offensive. Oklar! At least i can prove i went Shen Zhen before.

After a whole long day finally we back to HK, we straightaway headed to Mongkok. Haha! At first we don't want spend much as we thought can find cheaper in Shen Zhen but we were wrong about it and what we wait for, just head back to Mongkok and buy buy buy!!! We shopped until almost all shops closed then we went back to the潮州菜館for打冷again! This time we met the啤酒妹 who's selling 藍啤. And we did took photos and asked for fb too!! Haha! Like this also can know new friend.

That night, Laopo and Mandy get sober and keep on talking. LOL! Two drunken ladies keep debating about some same old topics. It was so funny yet tiring! That's all for the day!

Taa-daa!!! Present my shopping result. To be continued...


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