Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 resolution

Happy new year!!!! Wish everyone has a great one with their loved ones and have a fruitful year 2012 ahead!!!

Finally i changed my blog background. Previous one i used red hearts background and for me it was the mysterious. This year i want to bling up my blog so i choose pink glitter.

Time for my 2012 resolution. 
  1. SAVE MONEY. I set target for myself is 10k. Hope i can make it and don't be a failure like last year 2011.
  2. HIT THE TARGET!!! Same as last year of cause. I will try my best in my job & hit all MTD & YTD. Gambateh!
  3. Buy daddy mummy another trip for next year. I will aim for nearer place 1st. haha!!! Because have to accomplish the 1st resolution.
  4. This year no big big trip. Except the coming Taipei trip with family & small small trip to Bkk/Sg. (Have to save money!!!)
  5. Have my HPV vaccination. Because i always said want to get the vaccination and until now haven't do it yet. So must do it by this year.
  6. Clear 50% of my total debts. This is what i have to do it!!!
  7. Clean up my closet and donate those i don't want. Cut down impulsive buying. Maybe i should set up a pre-loved album in fb to sell off my impulsive buying or the un-wear items.
  8. Plan for our future. Yeap! It's the time plan for Ray Dear and my future. I'm not that young anymore and hope can have our family planning. 
  9. For this whole year 2012 only can buy 1 bag. Limit myself on buying branded designer bag. Haha!!! This is to make sure myself for savings.
  10. Swim once every week and gym once every week. Stay healthy lifestyle!
  11. Stay slim FOREVER!!! Have to keep myself slim and be cautious on my vital measurement. Haha!!! I don't want now slim down and then be uncontrolled and gain back again!
  12. Do something big & impressive!!! I have no idea about it yet. Hahaha!!!