Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 BI Annual Dinner

i know i owe this post too long d...
so have to finish it baru write about my CNY holidays

It's my 1st year joining BI annual dinner
i didn't know that they all can be so sporting
our annual dinner theme is "A movie date"
as i mentioned previously...

Hou Choi i din dress as Audrey Hepburn
cos that night got 2 Audrey(s)
and very lucky that my Alice is the only one on that night...
it was so surprisingly great that there are so many sporting ppls as they really full- dress-up

On the day
after we ended our cycle meeting at noon
i back home prepare myself while the others prepare themselves in hotel room

We reached the function room and there were nicely decorated and set up...
somemore got red carpet let us to walk through 
and got some ppls act as paparazzi snap on us

Then photo session started
here's the photos of the night:
Oh ya...
Oshin who dressed up as avatar Navi won the best RM1000 neh!!!

There were an opening perfomance on that night
the function room was decorated like Avatar runway...
it's amazing work done by our committies

All of us get a custom made printed mug from company
everyone's face printed on the movie stars face
mine is The Confession of a Shopaholic

And all of us also get a lucky draw prize from company
some very big prize and some good enough
i got my 1st ipod shuffle
it's in pink color!!!very de nice!!!

It was a memorable night for all of us including me
i had a great night with my new colleagues...
Thanks to BI


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