Friday, December 3, 2010

My favourite Disney princess ♥

Who is your favourite Disney princess??
oh ya...they missed up another new princess -- Tatiana from The Princess and The Frog
for me,
all the while i love Ariel from The Little Mermaid the most
but now
i'm in love with Rapunzel~~!!!

Have everyone watch the Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale movie??
i just watched it last night with my Ray dear & ZunZun
love the story so much and it's a fun movie
especially i love the Lantern scene...OMG!!!

Actually we were planning to watch normal screen
but the seats were almost fully booked
so we booked 3D screen and watched at Pavilion

As expected...
i like the story so so much...
it's quite funny and i love Rapunzel's hair the most
and i do think that Flynn aka Eugene is the most Handsome Leng Zai character in all Disney princesses stories
he's so damn CHARMING~!!!!
i'm serious...
cos previously all the Disney stories u will focus on all the princesses but not princes
but this time Rapunzel's prince thief is so damn god Leng Zai

Besides that
i love Maximus and Pascal too♥
they are so DAMN cute!!!!
love Pascal the camelion...
he's so cute OMG!!!
and Maximus the Palace horse
he looks like a dog more than a horse...
go watch the movie and u will know why...
when i saw Max i felt he's like Blushie...
hahahaha!!! damn cute and funny...

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale is really a funny movie must watch
i understand most ppls will think 
"cheh!!!am not child childish if go n watch cartoon movie..."
but "HEY~!!!who damn care about Disney cartoon movie are so NICE!!!"

Rapunzel is my fav Disney princess from now on...


  1. I haven't watch this!!! WIll watch next week.
    My fav is ..... too hard to choose...
    Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty ~!!!♥

  2. I'm still considering to watch this XD
    btw, Cinderella ... my all time favouritr :)

  3. hehehehe...everyone has a dream princess in their heart...currently i love this Ranpunzel princess sooo much XD

  4. Haha I will never grow out of disney movies! They are too amazing. I like cinderella and rapunzel the most :D <333