Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mandy Sim's birthday...

Mandy now is officially CC's girlfriend...
and her birthday was on the way
CC planned for her birthday and wanna give her a surprise

CC informed everyone of us to go his house on the night before Mandy's birthday
we must reach before 12am
then wait for them to come home and give surprise
we hide inside the room and wait for them to come back from dinner

Then when they walked into the house
we bumped out from his room
It was a surprise for her...

On the weekend
CC holded a party for her at Vintage @ IOI Boulevard

Here's some pics of the night:
Birthday girl & the birthday boy--Derrick

My outfit of the night:
I was wearing Lacey top from Topshop, Black panel skirt bought in a bazaar,
Love stocking from Sungai Wang & my beloved Chanel

That's all...


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