Friday, December 18, 2009

Pray for my dear sis

It's so sudden when i got this news...
i cant believe it happened on her
She's juz a normal person as all of us know
but WHY??
why it happened to her???

it was like a bolt from the blue
it's too sudden that i cant really accept it...

i know wat i need to do is to support her from emotional & physical
the most important thing to do is just to go thru the steps
at least it's not too late to cut it off
at least we know tat there is a solution to solve it...

my dear sis,
u r still young
u must b tough enough to face this
we will be there to support u
no matter how...
u must go through all of these
& by the end u will get well & recover
we all believe tat u can make it...

Be strong
nothing can hunt u down...

Pray to god
he will lead u through all of the hard moment...
i will pray to god for ur health
from ur love sis...

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