Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear, u've got it!

Haven't blog about my laopo's birthday
she had a really great birthday & yet it's the BEERY birthday for her
she continuously celebrate for 4days
with her bank colleagues, Dunhill colleagues, us-close frens & her highschool mates

She really had a great time wif all of us
especially with her dear Onn...

Onn gave her a big surprise
he brought BIG flower & sing song for her infront of all of the frens...
(as Onn is a SHY lil boy,LOL!)
Another surprise!!!her new LV pouch!!!
YAY!!!!so happy for her!!!

she plan to get this long long ago
all of her frens including her laopo me share this pressie for her
the rest paid by her dear Onn...
she loves it sooo much!!!

can see her smile
how happy she is!!

we r getting old d (insist we r same...haha!!)
Our relationship never changed
although sometimes we will argue on our own opinions
maybe ppls will talking bout why should we share the business together
cos frens may argue & having quarrels on this matter
but our frenship never been affected

u are alwayz my BEST laopo!!!

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