Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 xmas celebration!!!

Maybe we are getting older & older
not used to stuck in the crowd during the celebration day
compared to the clubs,
now we prefer to chill out together with frens
having drinks & chit-chating...
it's more fun ok?!somemore is not as expensive as the CLUBBING session
hehe!!!but for me,
clubs sometimes is still ok!!!

this year xmas eve
we have dinner together with ma laopo--Bonnie & her dear OnnOnn
Onn's bro--Fu & her gf Gucci
then after that stay at Pavilion for drinks...
but it's so HOT & CROWDED!!!
don't like the environment...
if the place have AIR-CON, nice's better lorr...

but i like the decorations at Pavilion
very "CHIO"!!!

On the xmas day
we date with Bonnie+Onn & terence+kenix
having dinner together
then next round of cos is DRINKing session
great that Mandy & Alex join us also...
drinking our favourite Red Wine
i dunno much of wine...
but the staff there taught us tat PINOT NOIR of Como Sur brand is nice!!
& he recommend another bottle of Merlot mixed with Cardonny
hmm...i prefer the 1st one...hahaha!!!!

Chit-chating with Mandy & Kenix about the wedding
looking forward for Terence+Kenix wedding...
we sisters cant wait to see the brothers get caught before getting in the bridemaid's room...
sure very CHI GEK one...

I think the xmas nite is better than the crowded eve nite...

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