Saturday, January 16, 2010

Congratulations to ♥Terence&Kenix♥

It's so touched when u see 2 of ur friends fall in love & walk into marriage to start their new life chapter
this is what i wanna say "Congratulations to my dear Terence & Kenix

i knew Terence since 3-4years ago...
knew he's my big bro & even u can see his "FA FIT" face (LOL!!!)
but he's the one who is looking forward to find his true love
although he had lots of bees & butterflies around him...
but he still wait for his Ms. Right appear

Kenix, i knew her from Terence actually

when i 1st see her
to me she's just one of the bees & butterflies...
(oppsss...cos 1st time knew her in club mar...)
then i though that she's the material girl
cos u can see all branded stuffs on her
 but slowly i knew & became closer with her
her background story will make u totally change ur mind on her
she's the one who study hard & work hard for herself...
she earn & pay for herself
not like those sugarbaby sugar daddy to pay for them
even she wears & carry branded stuffs
but all are from her own pocket...
I'm quite impress & admire her personality

They fell in love with each other
They are the flawless perfect loving each other
sometimes they get quarrel also...
it's the normal process in a relationship...
And then they decide to live happily ever after
they decide to get married!!!
All of us were so happy for them

on their marriage...
we were just busy like it's OUR marriage also...(haha...)
for sure bonnie & me will be the bridal sisters
And Onn & Ray will be the brothers...

on the night before their wedding
we sisters stay at the service apartment
have pillow talk & discussion for the next day wedding
we decide to play tricks on the brothers

1. Wear undies & write the words "I ♥ Kenix" at front
2. All brothers & bridegroom undies must have lips on it only can enter the unit
3. Drink whole bottle of milk in just seconds(Hah!!)

4. pass seaweed by mouth & the last person must eat the "salivary" seaweed (YUCKS!!!)
5. Bridegroom must write down 10 promises for bride on a big cardboard
6. All of the sisters agree with the ANG-PAO

7. When bride approve all of the promises only can enter the room & GET the bride!!!

At the wedding dinner
when we saw they enter the hall
we were so touched!!!
maybe it's what we see all the process from beginning until now...
Seriously, Laopo & me got tears on our eyes...

Anyway, we really great to see them walk into the new life chapter
Congratulations to Terence & Kenix once more!!!!

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